Central Heating Boilers

A complete Central Heating Boiler Solution.

Providing customized heating, steaming solutions by the efficient & cost-effective way to make  winter days a pleasure to endure.


Engineering Systems

Boilers at,

the heart of Central Heating

Boilers which are designed & made specifically to be suitable for your Hotels, Resorts, Homes, office etc.


Central Heating Boilers

Steam Boiler

Combitherm Ultra-Boiler

Savemax Boiler

Intech three pass boiler

  • Fully automatic unit.

  • Compact and easy to operate.

  • High combustion efficiency up-to (92%).

  • Easy installation, Low maintenance

  • Most demanded Central Heating Boilers.

Operating Range : 

  • Capacity : 0.3 TPH to 10 TPH

  • Fuel firing : Oil/Diesel, Wood, Coal, Bagasse, Biomass, Petcoke etc.


After sales support to guarantee the performance of our products.

Support through each phase in the production cycle.

Quality service and reasonable solutions for you.

Strict quality control at each manufacturing cycle.

Customer centered approach : focus on the customers specific needs at every stage.

Serving from more than 20 Years

Thermodyne have manufactured, supplied & Commissioned Steam Boiler for fulfilling the heat requirements for many of our clients and their continuous operation with time has ensured the reliability that we continuously work upon.

Fuel options available

  • Oil/Diesel

  • Gas

  • Wood/Coal

  • Biomass

  • Petcoke or any other solid fuels etc.

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