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for GARMENT Industry

The efficient & cost-effective way to heating, dyeing, drying, ironing clothes, fabric washing etc.

"Whether you need a boiler for washing, ironing, heating clothes or fabric etc.

Thermodyne has the tailored solutions for all".

Recommended Boilers for

Your GARMENT Industry

  • Fully automatic unit.

  • Compact and easy to operate.

  • High efficiency above 84%.

  • Minimum site work reduces installation cost.

Operating Range : 

  • Capacity : 100 Kg/Hr to 6 TPH

  • Fuel Range : Oil/Diesel, Gas, Wood, Coal, Bagasse etc.

With the ability to start producing Steam quickly from a cold startup and adjust to changing Steam needs quickly, Thermodyne boilers are ideal for producing Hot Water and Steam at the precise setting necessary during the heating, washing, ironing of fabric or for various other purposes in Garment Industry.


  • Quick delivery

  • Proven performance, Energy saving boilers

  • Strict quality control at each manufacturing cycle.

  • Most modern infrastructure for manufacturing.

  • Fully dedicated team (Qualified Engineers).

  • Providing solutions in Energy & Environment from more than 20 Years.

High tech : Engineering and Innovation

Permanent solution to your boiler which is built by the industries most reputable Engineers and Manufacturers.

Fuel options available

  • Oil/Diesel

  • Gas

  • Wood/Coal/Bagasse

  • Groundnut shells 

  • Petcoke and several other solid fuels.

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