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Manufacturer of

the HUSK Fired Boiler

Rice Husk Fired Boiler - Generates Steam Instantly and is extremely easy to install and commission.

These boilers are Safe, Reliable and designed to operate on a wide range of 

fuels including Coal, Wood, Husk etc.


Engineering Systems

Rice husk fired boiler save you fuel

  • High Combustion efficiency

  • Rice husk boilers are highly reliable

  • Low maintenance costs

  • Rice husk boiler reduce erosion

  • Enormous Fuel flexibility

  • Low emission

  • ISO and IBR certified

Husk Fired Steam Boiler

Features of the Boiler

Husk Fired Steam Boiler
  • Fully automatic unit.

  • Compact and easy to operate.

  • Skid-mounted : Requires less floor area.

  • Factory assembled Boiler including Ducting

  • Easy installation, Low maintenance

Operating Range :

Capacity : 100 Kg/Hr to 15 TPH

Fueling : Husk, Wood, Coal, Bagasse etc.


After sales support to guarantee the performance of our products.

Support through each phase in the production cycle.

Quality service and reasonable solutions for your husk fired steam boile

Strict quality control at each manufacturing cycle.

Customer centered approach : focus on the customers specific needs at every stage.

Serving from more than 20 Years

Thermodyne have manufactured, supplied & Commissioned Husk Fired Steam Boiler for many of our clients and their continuous operation with time has ensured the reliability that we continuously work upon.

Fuel options available

  • Husk

  • Wood/Coal

  • Biomass

  • Petcoke or any other solid fuels etc.

Tell us What you need

We'll help you find what's right for you

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