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Engineering System



for PAPER mill

The efficient & cost-effective way to Smoothing, Folding, Bonding, heating, printing paper etc.

"Whether you need a boiler for driving wide variety of machines or to use the Steam produced in drying or to target the moisture content in pulp/paper etc.

Thermodyne has the tailored solutions for all".

Boiler which is suitable for your PAPER mill

  • Fully automatic unit.

  • Compact and easy to operate.

  • Skid mounted -- requires very less floor area

  • High efficiency upto 88%.

  • Multi fuel options -- Total flexibility

  • Best suited and used in Paper Industry

Operating Range :

  • Capacity : 300 Kg/Hr to 10 TPH

  • Fuel Range : Oil/Diesel, Gas, Wood, Coal, Bagasse etc.

Intech Three Pass Boiler.jpg

With the ability to start producing Steam quickly from a cold startup and adjust to changing Steam needs quickly, Thermodyne boilers are ideal for producing Hot Water and Steam at the precise setting necessary during the smoothing, folding, bonding & printing paper etc.

  • Factory assembled boiler including ducting, insulation, refractory work etc.

  • Easy installation, low maintenance.

  • Easy access for cleaning & inspection.


  • Quick delivery

  • Proven performance, Energy saving boilers

  • Strict quality control at each manufacturing cycle.

  • Most modern infrastructure for manufacturing.

  • Fully dedicated team (Qualified Engineers).

  • Providing solutions in Energy & Environment for more than 20 Years.


High tech : Engineering and Innovation

Permanent solution to your boiler which is built by the industries most reputable Engineers and Manufacturers.

Fuel options available

  • Wood/Coal/Bagasse

  • Groundnut shells 

  • Petcoke and several other solid fuels.

Tell us What you Need

We will help you find what's right for you..

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