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Our gas generators are of optimum quality, durable and easy to handle. Our on-site PSA nitrogen generators are custom made and can be adjusted to give the desired nitrogen quality for your process and application.

A PSA Nitrogen Gas Generator is a machine that separates nitrogen gas from other gases in the atmosphere using the principles of thermodynamics. The Thermodyne brand is a popular manufacturer of these generators that utilize thermodynamic principles in their design.

Thermodyne brings the most reliable NITROGEN GENERATION PLANTS based on the pressure swing adsorption technology.


Purity: 95 % to 99.9999%, Dew Point: (-) 40 deg C to (-) 80 Deg C.

Our Nitrogen (N2) Gas  Generator plant eliminates all disadvantages associated to the purchase and operation costs of high- pressure N2 cylinder systems or cryogenic nitrogen gas storage tanks, enabling a permanent source of onsite Nitrogen with minimum energy consumption and maintenance requirements. PSA Nitrogen Gas Plant is designed to be easily installed in any indoor facility requiring only a compressed air line and a power connection.With purities up to 99.9999% of N2, Nitrogen Gas Plant  Gas can be connected to an external buffer allowing a reserve or a delay of production/consumption in accordance to the needs of each application.


How PSA Nitrogen Generator Works

  • Atmospheric air comprises 78% nitrogen and the PSA process utilises CMS to extract this Nitrogen from the air.

  • PSA process consists of 2 vessels filled with Carbon Molecular Sieves and Activated Alumina.

  • Clean compressed air is passed through one vessel and pure nitrogen comes out as product gas.

  • The exhaust gas (Oxygen) is vented into the atmosphere. After a short duration of generation, upon saturation of the molecular sieve bed.

  • The process switches Nitrogen generation to the other bed by  automatic valves, while allowing the saturated bed to undergo regeneration by depressurization and purging to atmospheric pressure.

Technical Specification

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Best alternative for your Nitrogen requirement

PSA Nitrogen Gas Plant Images

Our Nitrogen generators PSA plants deliver a host of benefits including-

  • Nitrogen on demand

  • Purity up-to 99.999% 

  • Low cost operation, High energy saving

  • Fully automated operation

  • Plug and play, packaged unit, compact footprint with easy installation

  • Reliability and uptime along with premium design

Perfect fit for on-stream applications that require low-cost gaseous & liquid Nitrogen with purity levels of up-to 99.999% per volume.

Not sure Exactly what type of Nitrogen Plant you should buy?

Contact us right away and speak with the member of our friendly staffs. We'll be happy to provide you with a no-obligation free consultations regarding any Nitrogen Plant concerns you may have!

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